venerdì 21 giugno 2013

Makeup looks

Here's two of some makeup looks I've done these days, hope you like them!

Makeup look for my photoshoot

Beyoncé inspired makeup

My today makeup look

Hi guys, I've been studied a lot for my exams so I didn't have so much time to do new makeup looks. Here in Florence is very hot and I don't like to wear a lot of makeup.
So, here's my today makeup look with a short description of it:

First, I applied a mineral foundation as I have a mixed-oily skin (I don't recommend a liquid foundation in summer)
Then I did the contouring and applied a coral blush.
For the eyes:
I applied a shimmer green eyeshadow on the inner corner of my eye, then a shimmer yellow eyeshadow in the middel of my eyelid and a matte brown eyeshadow over my crease to give depth to my eye.
At the end I applyed a little bit of black gel eyeliner, mascara and a coral-nude lipstick.
Hope you like it :)

mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

Arabic Eye

Hi everybody, today I did an arabic makeup. Hope you like it.
This is how i did it step by step:
Ciao a tutte, oggi ho fatto un trucco arabo. Spero vi piaccia.
Ecco come ho fatto a relizzarlo:

1. I applied a purple eyeshadow all over my lid
    Ho applicato un ombretto viola sulla mia palpebra mobile

2. I applied a highlighter under my eyebrows
    Ho applicato un illuminante sotto le sopracciglia

3. I traced a guide line with a black pencil
    Ho tracciato una linea guida con la matita nera

4. I blent the black pencil
    Ho sfumato la matita nera

5. I applied a black eyeshadow over the black pencil
    Ho applicato un ombretto nero sopra la matita nera

6. I blent the black eyeshadow
    Ho sfumato l'ombretto nero

6. I applied a purple eyeshadow up to the crease and I blent it with   an orange eyeshadow    Ho applicato un ombretto viola nella piega dell'occhio e l'ho sfumato con un ombretto arancione

7. I applied a white eyeshadow under my black line in the outer corner of my eye and a green eyeshadow under my water line

   Ho applicato un ombretto bianco sotto la linea nera nell'angolo esterno dell'occhio e un ombretto verde sotto la rima interna dell'occhio

8. At the end I applied mascara and here's the result:
   Alla fine ho messo il mascara ed ecco il risultato:

mercoledì 5 giugno 2013

A Green Makeup

Hi everybody, today I did a video while I was doing the makeup to my cousin.
I hope you like it..This is the link of the video and below there are some photos of the makeup

martedì 4 giugno 2013

Grey Light Makeup

Learn how I did this makeup:

1- First I applied Concealer to cover up under-eye circles
2- Then I applied eyeshadow primer all over my lid to keep the shadow in place for hours
3- I put my lightest eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eye
4- I applied a grey shadow with blue undertone in the middle of my eyelid and blend it with the light shadow
5- Then I applied a black shadow in the outer corner of my eye and blend it with the grey shadow
6- I put a highlight shadow under the eyebrow
7- A black gel eyeliner
8- I blended a black shadow under my waterline
9- At the end, false lashes and mascara

Here's the result: