sabato 25 maggio 2013

Face Mask Anti-Spots

Make up it's not the only way to have a perfect skin. We have to care about our skin by removing makeup before sleeping and applying natural good products to stay clean and fresh.

I have a mix-oily skin and sometimes i have a lot of spots so i use to apply different face masks for example the one below :


Two spoons of honey

A spoon of cinnamon
Two lemon drops

 Apply for 30 minutes 3 times a week... :)

More information:

Cinnamon + Honey
cures most deseases without any side effects.

Some deseases that can be cured:
Cancer, Arthritis, Indigestion, Heart Deseases,
Cholesterol, Toothache, Upset Stomach, Colds,
Weight Loss, Bad Breath.

Raw Honey
Skin Moisturizer, Acne Remover, Remedy for Burns,
Hair Treatment, Hair Gel, Lip Balm.

Lemons help to clean out the digestive system and to balance
alkalinity levels in the bloodstream to keep things clean.
Mouth Health:
Lemons can be used to homeopathically freshen breath
and cure simple mouth issues.
Radiant Skin:
From both the inside and outside, lemons can help to keep skin
healthy and glowing.